Story Molecules!: HodgePodge for Feb. 7


Tony’s on vacation, so this week’s HodgePodge is entirely made up of Buzzfeed articles! Okay, not really. Here’s this week’s round-up.

The Science of Storytelling

According to the Periodic Table of Storytelling, Firefly was great because it followed the story molecule: [LrgMalRcy]—Sbn.

Don’t drink the water

The Winter Olympics kick off tonight, but ahead of the games, the attending media already has been treated to poisonous water, stray dogs roaming the hotels and framed pictures of Vladimir Putin.

Once the smoke clears

Few companies could give up $2 billion in annual revenue, but Inc. poses several reasons why CVS’ decision to no longer sell tobacco products might ultimately pay off in a big way.

Clothes in a can

One British fashion designer got a Ph.D. in chemical engineering to make his idea of spray-on clothing a reality.

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