Research and Insights

Research and Insights

Dig and Learn

When developing a strong marketing and communications strategy, you need to have a strong foundation. That foundation requires a comprehensive understanding of your target audiences and what makes them seek out the products or services that you offer.

Digging deeper, what are the messages that they respond to, what are their pain points? What most influences their buying decisions? Meanwhile, what are your competitors doing right, and how can you better position yourself to raise your visibility and grow market share?

Our Process

These are some of the questions we seek to answer as part of our Communications Research & Insights process.

  • We deliver a soup-to-nuts analysis of your current communication strategies and resources, measured against industry best practices.
  • This process generally takes between eight and 12 weeks, during which, we move through the following four phases.


Before anything else, it’s important that we get a better sense of the core issues you’re trying to solve. This includes an in-depth discussion with your team about:

  • The PR goals most important to your organization
  • Challenges you’ve experienced
  • Communication strategies you’ve previously employed to engage key stakeholders

At this phase, we also begin reviewing secondary research, marketing and social assets and other materials to better understand how your organization fits into its broader landscape.


After getting a better grasp of the issues at hand, we speak with some of the key stakeholders for your organization to see how they’re aligned with your team’s existing thoughts and strategies. This allows us to hear directly from them about how they perceive your organization, who your competitors are and what needs and interests impact their decisions.


Once we’ve turned over all the rocks, it’s time to connect the dots. Our team pores over everything we’ve read and heard to determine the best strategies and recommendations for achieving your goals. We distill everything into a detailed presentation for your team and leadership that outlines our findings and recommendations.


While not always the case, there are times when the path forward requires more arms and legs than you have in your organization. Should you continue to need our counsel and support, we’ll work with you to identify an ongoing relationship that provides the right amount support and expertise from our team.

You can trust that our recommendations will be objective and with your best interests in mind. If we think your organization can do this work on your own, or if you need services beyond what we offer, we will say so. At the end of the day, we want what’s best for you and your team.

What You Can Expect at the End

At the end of this process, we deliver:

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  • A top-to-bottom assessment of the current state of your communications
  • Insights into your key stakeholders
  • A SWOT analysis
  • A roadmap for moving forward

It’s the kind of research that often provides the foundation for a reset or reinvigoration of communications plans.

Given the proprietary nature of this work, it’s not something we can showcase here. But we would be pleased to talk more about how we might help you identify the best path forward through research and insights. 

If you think we could help your organization, we welcome the chance to meet with you to learn more.

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