Substitution: HodgePodge for June 19


Tony’s on vacation this week, so I’m filling in on the HodgePodge.

Cover up

Speaking of vacation, do you know what kind of sunscreen you should buy?

Help wanted

Giving its increasing popularity and rising shipping costs, it’s no surprise that Amazon is getting creative with its courier options.

In the groove

Whether or not you think vinyl records sound better (they do, by the way), this is how such a tiny needle makes such a big sound.

Move over Hamilton

The U.S. Treasury announced it will feature a woman on the $10 bill starting in 2020. Congrats, ladies! Now if only we paid them equally.

Coming soon

Parents, go ahead and prepare yourself to the fact that you’ll see this movie 20 times next summer. IT’S ABOUT WHAT PETS DO WHEN WE LEAVE, PEOPLE. (And no, I don’t care that it’s the exact same premise as Toy Story.)


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