Richmond 2015 Eve: HodgePodge for Sept. 18


Tomorrow kicks off the UCI Road World Championships. Before we all get wrapped up in cycling fever, here’s a roundup of non-bicycle stories to cap off your week.


Ahmed Mohamed isn’t the only young teenager who’s engineering while Muslim. (Thank God.) Here are some fantastic programs helping fuel underrepresented students’ passion for science and technology.

What’s that sound?

Soul music, retro-soul music and neo-soul music: A critique.

Holdin’ it down

The Federal Reserve has decided to keep interest rates near zero. So exactly what does that mean?

Harry Potter & The College Dropout

Would Kanye West really be sorted into Hufflepuff if he went to Hogwarts?

Recommended dosage

Fans of the 1987 Martin Short comedy Innerspace, read on.

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