PR story of the day:  TwitPic causing McDonald’s heartburn.

Given the number of super-hero movies out there, I'm reminded about the line heard in many of them that usually goes something like this, "You can use your power for good or evil."

The same goes for the power of social media as exhibited by the latest PR issue faced by McDonald's.

This very realistic looking online hoax fueled by a TwitPic on Twitter is making things very difficult for the folks at the Golden Arches.

If you were advising them, how would you help them fight the hoax?

Jon Newman

In 2002 Jon cofounded The Hodges Partnership and has helped to grow it into one of the country’s largest public relations firms (based on O’Dwyer’s annual rankings). Jon has taught communications as an adjunct professor at VCU, speaks regularly at conferences and meetings and blogs and tweets about public relations and marketing issues.

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