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Madness: HodgePodge for Mar. 18

Stand if you want to

Using a standing desk can be a good change of pace from sitting all day (and might even be your preferred way to work all the time), but the science is far from settled.

“I’ve been itching to get a standing desk. After all, America’s sitting itself into an early grave. Sitting is the new smoking. Clearly, a standing desk would stop me from sitting, and standing is just so much better for you than sitting, right?”

“Contrary to popular belief, science does not say so.”

Bucket of crazy

The surprising, profane story of the real Colonel Sanders.

“One night, in the wee hours, Sanders was jolted awake by multiple gunshots outside. Two rival alcohol bootleggers were exchanging bullets and insults in the road in front of Sanders’ place. The shootout was interrupted by the sound of a door crashing open from the nearby service station. A middle-aged man stood just outside the door wearing nothing but his underwear, aiming a large shotgun in their direction. ‘Line up, both of you sons of bitches and throw down your guns!’ Sanders ordered. Being called a son of a bitch was no trifling insult to fellows from those parts in those days, but the shotgun convinced them to comply.”

Can’t even

If you’ve ever met a teenager, you might think you know all there is to know about boredom, but you might still enjoy this dive into the subject from NPR’s Hidden Brain.

“We’ve all been there: bored in class, bored at work, bored in stand still traffic. But why do we find boredom so unbearable? And, if we hate boredom so much, why do we still take boring jobs?”

News to me

I’m really fascinated by the story of how Dropbox, the nearly ubiquitous cloud storage service, moved its service off of Amazon’s cloud (billions of files) without customers even noticing.

“IF YOU’RE ONE of 500 million people who use Dropbox, it’s just a folder on your computer desktop that lets you easily store files on the Internet, send them to others, and synchronize them across your laptop, phone, and tablet. You use this folder, then you forget it. And that’s by design. Peer behind that folder, however, and you’ll discover an epic feat of engineering.”

Are you going to the cyborg fair?

In case you forgot we are (very close to) living in the future:

“Michael Bareev-Rudy never expected to have his finger implanted with a magnet. But in November 2015, the 18-year-old decided to embed a 3 mm x 1 mm magnet in his index finger at an event held in Dusseldorf, Germany. A crowd gathered to watch as a man in a smart grey suit and green surgical mask carefully sliced open the sandy-haired 18-year-old’s finger.”

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