Live Video: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Millennials apparently have the same attention span as a…ooh, look at this cute video of cats dinging bells to get a treat!

Adweek talked a bit about the longevity of live video viewing, and it looks like it’s here to stay – for now. In the article, Adweek mentions that Facebook users are 10x more likely to comment on a live video than on a static one. Not only is video important, but live in-the-moment video is what people are drawn to.

I’m currently waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth so I can finish up my longer post on live video, but in the meantime, I’ve pulled together some good examples of live video done well, and live video that missed the mark.


A few years back, the Richmond Metro Zoo launched a cheetah cam to document a new litter of cheetahs. The birth of these cheetahs was an important one for the species, and what better way to celebrate that by giving 24/7 access to cute, cuddly cubs?


Buzzfeed is a favorite of mine. There isn’t much they put out that I don’t enjoy, particularly where video is involved. But Buzzfeed missed the Facebook Live mark. Hard. Their produced videos are fantastic, but when put on the spot, their team had trouble executing a live interview with a political reporter and President Obama.


Another local favorite of mine, NBC 12 and the Richmond Animal League set-up a Pet Cam to introduce the community to puppies not-quite-ready for adoption. At the time of this post, the puppy party consisted of mostly Dachshund mixes, but hey, if you don’t like dogs – there are some kittens on the cam, too!


Tough Mudder has mastered the digital marketing game. Its comprehensive strategy hits participants, and prospective participants, from all angles, including through live video. In a Facebook Live with Coach T. Mud (an eccentric fellow in tiny shorts), Mudder shows you don’t have to have the fanciest set-ups or even high-quality video to make an impact. The feed was about 23 minutes and it goes through a warm-up/stretch session with its coach. You can easily pull this up and follow along at your own leisure in the comforts of your own home.


The viral live video approach failed this spring when HBO’s Game of Thrones attempted to unveil the release date of season seven by asking fans to comment, triggering flame throwers that melted the ice to reveal the date. It took an hour and 12 minutes for the ice to melt – just enough time for Twitter to run rampant (with amazing memes and snark).

Do you have any examples of good (or bad) live video moments? Share them in the comments.

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