How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Content


If you’re doing any kind of online marketing, then odds are that you understand the importance of a strong content marketing strategy. Good content is key to increasing awareness of your company and boosting traffic to your website. However, a lot of resources go into making just a single piece of content. 

Simply posting it to your website and moving onto the next assignment isn’t doing you or your company any favors. Instead of recreating the wheel every time, you should take a look at the other ways this content can be used. Here are five ways to help you repurpose your content to get even more mileage out of it:

  1. Break up longer content: Longer pieces of content, such as eBooks, can be broken up into smaller ones. A little rewriting is obviously necessary, but it won’t take nearly as much time to do this as it would to write something from scratch, and these smaller pieces may work perfectly as posts for your blog.
  2. Combine shorter content: On the other end of the spectrum, you can collect a series of blog posts that are relevant to one another and turn them into a longer guide or eBook.
  3. Use blog posts for your newsletter: Not everyone on your subscription list checks your blog regularly, so consider creating a tips-oriented newsletter that repurposes some of the content from your blog posts.
  4. Turn written content into visual content: Written content that contains a lot of data or is made up of bullet lists can easily be turned into a SlideShare presentation or even an infographic. Visual content like this is great for sharing on social media.
  5. Combine blog posts in Google+ Collections: Google+ Collections allows you to group posts with similar subject matter into a single collection. Users can then have access to older content that they may not have read before and be notified when you add new content to the collection.

Sure, it will take some additional time on the front end to think through all different ways your content can be leveraged, but it’s nothing compared to what’s needed when you start from scratch with each new piece of content.

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Greg Surber

Greg Surber, APR, is a public relations strategist through and through. He works on a variety of accounts, leading research projects and content strategies, but he also has extensive experience with more traditional PR efforts including national and trade media relations campaigns.

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