Episode 28: Knowing Your Audience with Melanin Monroe

In episode 28 of Teaming Up, Michaela Mishoe is joined by Melanin Monroe, drag entertainer and event host, to discuss similarities between drag performance and PR. Our Pride Month episode delves into commonalities in our work and echoes a point we’ve made time and time again about authenticity. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Episode Highlights:

  • Reading the Room — You can’t just expect to deliver the same message, the same way, every time and have it land the same way. Whether drag performing or media relations, you need to tailor your approach and style to match the person on the receiving end.
  • Confidence — Spoiler alert. You’re not going to crush it your first time. You may have some social media fails, just like you may have some really stiff performances. The key is practice and continual learning and growing to build up that inner confidence.
  • Important of Pride and Authenticity — There is so much realness and personal connection you can bring to the table when you’re being your authentic self. If something feels like an inauthentic performance (or media pitch), it’s going to be at your detriment. Being who you are can go a long way in selling and delivering your message.

Are you loving Melanin? You can catch her every Friday at 11 p.m. at Papi’s. And just around the corner, you can catch her on June 22 at Harry’s Drag Brunch and Pride Crawl Rooftop Party.

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