Episode 27: Cookies and Cookies with Lilie Malaeb

In episode 27 of Teaming Up, Paulyn Ocampo teams up with Lilie Malaeb to explore the intriguing world of cookies, both edible and digital. While munching on a variety of cookies from Crumbl, they delve into how digital cookies play a crucial role in advertising and the implications of upcoming changes in digital privacy.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding Digital Cookies: They discuss the function of first-party cookies in enhancing user experience and the extensive use of third-party cookies in tracking and advertising across the web.
  • Impact of Third-Party Cookie Deprecation: Lily explains the consequences for advertisers with the phasing out of third-party cookies, emphasizing the challenges in tracking and targeted advertising.
  • Adapting Marketing Strategies: The conversation covers strategies for adapting to the loss of third-party cookies, highlighting the shift towards first-party data and consent-based marketing.
  • Emerging Technologies: They discuss new technologies like Google’s Privacy Sandbox and server-side tagging, which could help mitigate the impact of losing third-party cookies while respecting user privacy.

Paulyn and Lily’s discussion provides valuable insights into the significant shifts occurring in the digital advertising landscape, making this episode a must-listen for marketers and anyone interested in the future of online privacy and advertising.

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