Brave New World: HodgePodge for Oct. 23


We are now living in a time that takes place after the future date presented in Back to the Future Part II 1989. My six-year-old self can’t even.

Where is Your Retirement Going?

What is 2-4% of your 401K over 40 years? A whole heckuva lot.

[Insert impossibly wittier headline than that of this story] (No really, I tried!)

Long read on how maps have been used in persuasion (read: propaganda).

Pick your poison

This pains me to write, but tea drinkers may be right after all.

All Things Must Pass

The rise and fall of Taxi TV.

Did You Hear?

Adele released her new single. Hear it for the first of many, many, many times if her previous singles are any indications.

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