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Josh Dare

I’m kinda surprised you’re reading this

Let me start by saying I am totally fascinated that you found this blog post.  And I’m befuddled how or why you decided to click on the link to it that brought you here. Perhaps you are a regular follower of the Gong Blog, as we call our regular blog here at Hodges. If you’re a friend of ours on Facebook or follow a Hodger on Twitter, this post would be hard to miss. We’re pretty good at blogging regularly...

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Cruise Control

Thinking about the Carnival Cruise Line floating disaster, I am trying to put myself in the place of those that endured days of insufferable hot air, of ubiquitous stench and of that panicky sense of confinement when you know there are no options for escape.  Yes, I’m talking about Carnival’s PR team. You have to feel for them, a group that likely spends most of its time arranging “fam” tours for reporters and devising fun social media promotions to keep...

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