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Casey Prentice

Our Intern Interview Pet Peeves

Interviews are hard, no matter what level you find yourself in your career. And I swear, phone interviews are the worst. You have a million and two things swirling around in your brain, you’re trying not to sweat through your jacket and you’re grasping at straws to remember every single fact you can about the person and company you’re interviewing with. When Kelsey and I hang up the phone, or regroup after an intern interview, the candidates that make a good impression always leave a…

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Internship Application Mistakes That Make Us Cringe

Every semester, the internship committee reviews a couple dozen applications, cover letters and resumes. When we look at a pool of candidates, the stellar applicants very quickly rise to the top, mostly by virtue of their attention to detail. For too many others,  the smallest mistakes can look like major blemishes, especially in comparison. Here are five frequent mistakes we see on application materials that come across our desks, and truth be told, they that make us feel sad inside. Mistake #1: Misspelled (or improperly…

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Communication Counsel: Getting Real with Real-Time Marketing

Ask any content creator how they approach building out editorial calendars, and I guarantee that a majority of them will say they start by checking for holidays and other events to write content around. And can you blame them? We know timeliness is one of the key ingredients to building valuable content.   Real-time marketing is when an organization engages with consumers as newsworthy or when global events are actually happening, in real time. Timeliness is essential for a successful real-time marketing campaign, and while…

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Making the case for knocking down marketing pyramids

If your newsfeed is anything like mine, you don’t have to do more than a thumb swipe to find a friend posting about some product or service that is CHANGING MY LIFE, Y’ALL. In the 50s, you had Tupperware. The 60s, Mary Kay. But what was once contained to our living rooms has now inundated our social media worlds. Multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing, is the practice of recruiting an army of associates to sell products – nowadays, primarily on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere,…

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Five Questions with Sharif Ewees, 28 Media

It’s a great feeling coming to work every day knowing we get to work with partners that help make us, and our clients, better. One of those partners that helps expand our capabilities by creating platforms that help our work shine is 28 Media’s Sharif Ewees. Sharif has worked on a variety of websites with us – from our own to client sites like Umgås Magazine, StudyECE and eCMMS | Foxconn Technology Group. If you haven’t met him, here’s a chance to get to…

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Our Roster: Meet Greg Surber, APR

Behind every successful PR campaign is a strategic mastermind, one who balances big-picture goals with the building blocks that make it happen. At Hodges, Greg Surber is that guy. Recently celebrating his eight-year anniversary with us, Greg has solidified his role as the resident research guru. A self-proclaimed (and proud) introvert, Greg is most in his element reading through data and reports, helping clients connect the dots between their goals and some of the bigger trends and issues impacting their work. A Roanoke native, Greg…

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Can you sell and be a storyteller at the same time?

Imagine this scenario. You’re looking at shirts and a salesperson says, “You should definitely buy this shirt. It’s a really great shirt. It’ll keep you cool, and you’ll look so good in it.” Okay, thanks, you know you look good in cotton. But what if that salesperson said, “The other day I was at the Nationals game, and it was 95 degrees outside with zero shade. I wore this shirt and it was so breathable and light. It saved the day.” The latter approach is…

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Our Roster: Meet Cameron McPherson

Cameron McPherson is the embodiment of Richmond PR (but he’d be too humbled to make that claim). Cam is a born and bred Richmonder. A proud Ram, he has worked throughout the community in his role at The Hodges Partnership and through numerous service opportunities. He is the most recent past president in PRSA Richmond, he’s on the board of Side by Side and he lends PR support to Family Lifeline and Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. He is the go-to guy when it comes to…

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Five Questions With Videographer Dave Park

We know where our strengths lie. We also know when and where we can bring in one of our expert partners who can help bring one of our strategies to life. When it comes to on-site video production, we often turn to Dave Park Productions Services to get the job done. He’s helped us with everything from seated interviews with senior executives to rural location shoots, capturing the sparks – literally – of employees working at a Virginia welding shop. Join us as we catch…

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Our PRSA Richmond Luncheon Thoughts: Employee Engagement

If you’re trying to reach one of us on the last Wednesday of the month, especially at lunch time, you may be out of luck.  When it comes to attending the monthly PRSA Richmond luncheon, we’re all in.  After all, three Hodgers are on the board of directors and another three are active (and former board) members themselves. What can we say, we love a good professional development opportunity. Kicking off this year’s programming calendar, which is organized by Lindsay O’Bar, first vice president of…

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Using video for social media

Make the Most of Your Social Media Video Strategy in 2019

If you’re not including video in your content marketing and social media strategy in 2019, do yourself a favor and stop reading this and start planning. Video content is becoming critically important in today’s social media landscape, and we’re not just saying this as marketers. There is data to prove it: Animoto found that 64 percent of consumers made a purchase after watching a branded video on Facebook. Aberdeen discovered that brands who utilize video see their revenue increase 49 percent faster than companies that…

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Why You Should Be All in with Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing, even if you’re not the one executing the work, is a major investment of your time, energy and resources. A company can’t just hire an agency and say, “Hey, go ahead and launch this thing and report back on it in a month.” It doesn’t work that way. There are so many things to consider when it comes down to planning and executing a content marketing strategy, but here are three considerations to whet your whistle. Money Let’s go ahead and start with…

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