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Amanda Colocho

Monitoring your mentions on social media

Customers drive every business – in fact, the more, the better. And chances are, many of those customers will have something to share online about your brand. Do you have a strategy in place for monitoring what’s being said? Do you know when to respond, and what to say? Here are some simple tools that will keep you from missing out on what could be valuable feedback and opportunities. Monitoring Media Mentions There are plenty of tools available for monitoring your brand’s social media mentions. Here are…

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Curating Content on Twitter

It’s important to keep your Twitter feed flowing with updated content, both original and a curation of the most relevant and useful materials for your audience. Curating content on Twitter has a number of benefits, including: Growing your authority and expertise on a subject. Improving your relationship with the sites whose content you share. Saving time from creating content yourself. Keep in mind that curated content isn’t only about aggregating and reposting other people’s content; it can also be those terrific original insights you offer,…

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Is your news newsworthy?

You’ve got news and you think it’s important. Now you’re ready to share it with the world in all of its glory. Or so you think. Getting your story in the news can be tricky. What’s worth a read to you may not be to others. If you’re having trouble getting the media to accept your submissions and pitches, it may be time for some honest self-reflection. Here are some tips to help you determine if your news is newsworthy and what to do if…

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online reviews

Monitoring and responding to online reviews

In this day and age, consumers have a powerful voice—especially online. This means that you can’t get away with bad service without expecting negative online reviews that can hurt your reputation. Unfortunately, even if you do the utmost to provide your customers with the best service or product possible, there’s a good chance you’ll get a bad review once in awhile. It’s how you react to those reviews that matters. Monitoring Your Online Reviews There are several user review websites that you should monitor. These…

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Happy Hodgerdays!

As we wrap up 2015 (i.e., checking our final to dos and indulging in as many sweet treats and holiday delights as possible), we wanted to wish you a happy holiday from everyone here at The Hodges Partnership. Being one of the newest additions to Hodges, I’ve learned so much in my few short months of working here — from crafting the perfect pitch and leveraging keywords, to who makes the best Mac-n-Cheese (among many other public relations services, of course). When it comes to Hodges culture, food…

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