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#AskJon: What’s one common content mistake you see companies make? [VIDEO]

So we’ve been talking a lot about this at the Hodges Partnership, because we’re doing a lot of content, at various different levels, for clients. And one of the things that we see that stops up the content drain, so to speak, is the quest for perfection. So, I’m not saying that quality and quantity should be at odds.

I’m not saying just pump it out for the sake of pumping it out. But, if you’re trying to be too perfect with your content, odds are that that’s going to lead you to not doing enough content to keep the content train running, in the way that you want it to.

So, good is better than great — obviously, if you can do great all the time, that’s tremendous. But, that’s also a very high bar. So, try not to be as perfect, but also try to keep a certain level of quality going. And, I think that you will keep, like I said, the content train going in the right direction.

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