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#AskJon: What should I know about working with a PR firm? [VIDEO]

The most important thing to know about working with a PR firm is that the world of PR and marketing, for the most part, is changing every day. And what you used to come to PR firms for, which is primarily media relations, internal communications and crisis communications, well you can still come to us for that, but you can come to us for a whole lot more. So content marketing, SEO/SEM, even the web — you can come to us for that. The most important thing is, when you first come to us, don’t pigeonhole us. Tell us what your problem is and let us, collectively with you, decide the best way to tackle that. We may be an answer for all of your problems, or we may be the answer for at least some of your problems. But, we have friends that we can bring to the table to solve the rest of them.

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