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4 apps and websites that will make work easier in the college communications office

Apps for college communicators

I always use the start of a new year to examine different methods to do better, more efficient work. From meetings across campus to monthly reports (and pitching subject matter experts in between), staying on top of it all can be daunting. But have no fear, here are four apps that will make your life easier as a college communicator:

  • Texture ($9.99 per month): Keeping up with magazine journalists’ stories and columns takes time and big budgets as subscriptions add up. With a monthly subscription to Texture, you have access to the digital versions of 200-plus magazines on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Plus, you can search for words or phrases as you’re looking for opportunities for new experts.
  • Report-IT Lite (free): Land your expert on NPR or another national radio broadcast? Sometimes a producer will ask you to head to a local radio studio to record the interview because of a recording technology called Integrated Services Digital Network. We’ve used Report-IT in the past instead – the interviewee listens to the questions of a producer on one phone and then speaks their answer into their iPhone using the Report-IT app. You can then send the producer the file electronically afterward.
  • Coverage Book ($99-$499 per month): Weekly and monthly coverage reports are essential – they help explain to colleagues and other departments the importance of a sustained public relations effort. But why must they take so long? Coverage Book helps solve that problem. Just plug in websites’ addresses of the articles and Coverage Book produces a polished report with impression numbers and clips. While plans start at $99 per month, it could be money well spent as you can spend the time you save pitching experts.
  • Dropbox (free-$12.50 per month): My love for Dropbox knows no bounds. I use the Pro edition, and it’s installed on my phone, iPad and computer. In the past, I’ve snapped photos at events, uploaded directly to Dropbox and sent links to newsrooms for coverage. It’s a simple and safe place to store documents like fact sheets and press releases that you can send on the go.

Do you use any of these services? Or, do you have recommendations for other helpful tools? Please share in the comments below.

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