Virginia’s Community Colleges Amplify FastForward Training Throughout the Commonwealth

Workforce Training Program Sees Increased Traffic Through Branded Outreach Strategy

Client Goal:Develop a branded promotional vehicle to create awareness, and ultimately boost enrollment

The Virginia Community College System wanted to develop a brand identity surrounding its grant-funded workforce training programs. Hodges worked with VCCS to establish the brand and outreach framework to increase awareness and enrollment.


  • Generated over 36,000 site sessions over a 12-month period
  • Received over 1,000 contact form submissions
  • Saw site sessions increase by 378% and contact form submissions increase by 297% with a digital advertising strategy

Why’d It Work?

After a thorough, qualitative investigation into various audiences –  their behaviors and motivations – Hodges with the help of our partners at SIR developed key messages and insights that would inform the final brand – FastForward. To meet our audience where they were (online), in a way that they would respond to (i.e. not as a higher education institution), FastForward developed into a personable, approachable and relatable brand that had a presence on various online platforms.

To ensure FastForward’s primary audience was seeing our messaging and interacting with the website, Hodges and our partners at Lewis Media layered on social media, search and display advertising to further amplify the brand throughout the Commonwealth. The digital outreach strategy allowed our teams to precisely target our promotions, which allowed us to conserve resources and optimize our spends in real time.