The Work

University of Richmond: Growing National and International Reputation

700 Million Impressions. Continued Major Outlet Coverage.

Client Goal: Create Awareness and Drive Preference by Growing the University of Richmond’s National and International Reputation

University of Richmond leadership knew it could earn more national and international attention. Given its reputation, the university was confident it could raise its profile, engender pride among alumni to enhance advancement efforts and attract even more top-notch students from across the country and the world.

Hodges took on the assignment, and a seven-year strategic partnership with UR began. Media relations, crisis communications, social media planning and strategy paid off big for the university’s key strategic goals.


  • 700 million impressions across major news outlets
  • Creating faculty “stars” recognized nationally and sought out for expertise
  • Building long-term relationships for UR with reporters from outlets such as Bloomberg,
    McClatchy News Service and the Los Angeles Times, creating direct calls for future
  • Forming direct ties with op/ed editors at national print and online outlets and repeat
    placements in such publications as, The New York Times and USA Today.
  • Front-page placement in The New York Times.
  • Key university initiative placements in U.S. News & World Report’s annual college guide,
    the Wall Street Journal and the Chronicle of Higher Education, and many more
  • Landing an interview from space — ESPN’s SportsCenter interviews former Spiders
    football player-turned astronaut while he was orbiting the earth.

Why did it work?

Hodges’ dedicated team paid constant attention to national breaking news and social conversations, strategically pitching stories on topics ranging from Federal Reserve rates and international conflict to guns in America and U.S. Olympic uniforms. Becoming an extended part of the university team and a key voice platform for talented faculty, Hodges and the University of Richmond delivered a constant drumbeat of ongoing national conversations with an enormous impact on the national profile of the school.

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