Swedish Match Creates 39,000-Strong Engaged Consumer Community


Swedish-Owned Company Builds Brand Community in U.S. with Sophisticated Lifestyle Content

Client Goal: Build and cultivate a robust online audience.

Swedish Match’s U.S. Division wanted to reach and engage with American consumers with a connection to Swedish lifestyle, building general goodwill and an affinity with the company. Swedish Match and Hodges have created a digital brand journalism strategy that celebrates Swedish lifestyle and culture in the United States.


  • 2018 readership exceeds 39,000 engaged users per month
  • Generated 330,000 page views among 285,000 site sessions in 2017
  • Biweekly email newsletter list increased 128% over the course of a year
  • Averages 5,300 social interactions per month

Why’d It Work?

Umgås Magazine launched in 2015 as an online hub for Swedish-inspired content with an American twist. Dubbed “The Swedish-American Gathering Place,” Umgås loosely means to spend time together, hang out or mingle. The magazine covers a variety of lifestyle topics—food, music, travel, arts and entertainment. Articles have included interviews with professional athletes, features on top chefs and restaurants, travelogue pieces on Swedish-themed destinations, profiles of interesting people and a great deal more.

Umgås releases seven new original pieces of content a week. The team interviews subjects throughout the United States and Sweden to originate compelling articles, using an editorial calendar to plan content. Strategic Facebook advertising campaigns are used to engage new consumers with a Swedish-American connection and grow the Umgås magazine audience. Additionally, an exit intent pop-up was added to the website to help foster subscriber growth for the Umgås newsletter that goes out with a mix of content on a bi-weekly basis. The publication has been a substantial success, exceeding 39,000 engaged users per month.