Hilldrup Moving & Storage needs to align sales and marketing for organizational success


Major East Coast moving company solves key challenges to reach and nurture more prospective clients

Client Goal: Develop a strategy that aligned sales and marketing allowing Hilldrup to achieve organizational success by positioning the sales team as industry experts and in turn nurturing more prospects.

Hilldrup Moving & Storage, one of the largest moving and storage agents for United Van Lines, wanted to improve communication and collaboration between its sales and marketing teams. Hilldrup needed a strategy and the right tools to bring these two departments together to create a collaborative, productive partnership. The effort needed to meet the sales team where they were (online utilizing LinkedIn), while also addressing one of their major pain points (the lack of bandwidth to fully execute a social media nurturing strategy). Hodges helped Hilldrup launch an internal social media campaign, supported by a LinkedIn management platform, Dynamic Signal. This allowed marketing to help control external-facing messages, while empowering sales to nurture and prospect their own contacts.


  • The marketing team pushed out 283 pieces of sharable content through Dynamic Signal with multiple copy options over a one-year period.
  • This content was viewed 862 times by team members, who shared 1,997 times.
  • The campaign resulted in 1,506,655 impressions (20x more than Hilldrup’s LinkedIn company page); 5,270 post clicks; 2,192 engagements (likes, comments, etc.).
  • Traffic to from LinkedIn increased from 391 sessions in 2016 to 1,373 in 2017 – a 251 percent increase.

Why’d It Work?

Working with Hodges, Hilldrup was able to break down the silos and institutional barriers between its marketing and sales departments to help each group effectively do their jobs, which support the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

Hilldrup and Hodges brought everyone to the table, not only to establish mutual understanding of goals, strategy and responsibilities but also to ensure that the collective teams had a working knowledge of and comfort level with Dynamic Signal. Before launching the new internal program, Hodges also held in-person LinkedIn training sessions for the sales team and gave feedback to individual team members to help them optimize their LinkedIn profiles for prospecting. A monthly editorial calendar featuring a range of content was subsequently drafted and pre-populated into the tool. Two sets of copy were then created to allow the sales team some flexibility in what messages they shared. Finally, a layer of incentives was added to help build up excitement and support at launch.