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Connexions Loyalty content marketing drives sharp uptick in qualified sales leads

Content marketing delivers fast-growing, profitable lead generation for $10 million sales pipeline success

Client Goal:

Connexions Loyalty drives customer engagement, retention and ROI through loyalty programs. Company leadership knew increasing the flow of qualified, profitable leads to their experienced sales team was critical to accelerating quarterly financial growth targets.

The solution? Connexions turned to Hodges to field an experienced, expert team to build out their digital lead machine with content marketing. Hodges strategists dove deep into the company’s knowledge in the loyalty and travel industries, as well as consumer redemption behaviors to create valuable content, then place and promote it to reach the right leads.


  • $10 million pipeline from content marketing program in 18 months
  • #1 source of new qualified sales leads within five months of kickoff

Why’d it work?

The Hodges team quickly partnered with Connexions leadership to develop strategic target profiles and understand prospect needs. The result was an effectively integrated team approach to developing relevant story ideas and aligning with changing product and sales goals. By leveraging internal resources effectively, the team created a large volume of compelling content on a budget.  Consistently delivering aconstant cadence of highly valued content that enhanced the Connexions brand while closely targeting key prospect audiences and driving leads.

The teams effectively brought together a complex integrated approach across marketing, brand, and sales organizations, and developed a executive-endorsed lead-scoring strategy that better identified, moved and delivered top-of-the-sales-funnel prospects through Connexions’ 18-month sales process.

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