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Everyone has a story. What makes yours different, better, smarter?

The Hodges Partnership, is a PR agency based in Richmond, Virginia, that helps clients turn the volume up on their stories so they reach the right people at the right time and with the right messages, messages that make audiences want to know more. Through public relations, content marketing and social media, our own story of success is built on helping clients tell theirs.

What We Do

Public Relations

Public relations today means more than media relations. It includes a landscape of strategies and tactics that can influence opinions and drive strategic outcomes. From community engagement and event planning to internal communications and crisis management, we have a depth and breadth of experience that can be applied to a range of communications challenges and needs.

Media Relations

A great deal has changed over the years in public relations, but even today, nothing enhances reputations more effectively than media relations. That’s why, for more than 20 years, we’ve focused on media relations campaigns that raise our clients’ visibility and give them that third-party credibility. Let us tell you more about our media relations experience and capabilities.

Content Marketing

Digital platforms let you control your own message, and we help you develop those messages and ensure they are seen by the right eyeballs. Through content marketing, you can showcase your expertise and provide important industry insights. Content campaigns are some of the most cost-effective – and just plain effective – strategies available to marketers today.

Social Media

Let’s face it, social media platforms are where clients (and prospective clients) live and work, and these platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more – demand a serious strategy and commitment. Integrated with content programs, social engagement strategies are an effective way to deepen relationships and broaden awareness. Let us show you how.

Crisis Communications

Crises are inevitable. Despite best-laid plans, how you respond to unpredictable events will either compound or ease a situation. This is where our experience comes in. We help manage communications strategy and messaging at a critical time. We’re also skilled at creating crisis plans that help you prepare for a crisis ahead of time.

Research and Insights

Even the most experienced marketers need some external assistance to assess their strategies, measure their effectiveness against best practices and evaluate whether or not they are maximizing their potential against communications objectives. Call it a communications audit (or what we call Hodges Insights), we deliver a comprehensive analysis of where you are against where you should be.

Creative Services

By incorporating Creative Services into your public relations strategies, you can add a visual storytelling layer to your work that helps to bring to life your key messages, values and storylines. Our Creative Services team supports social media, content marketing and media relations work by maintaining brand identity while making your organization stand out.

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Focus Areas

While our work over the last two decades has spanned every industry and sector, we’ve had particular success in a few areas. From our work with education clients to helping B2B companies power their success, see how we’ve helped our clients shine in our focus areas:


From pre-K to doctorate programs, our education client experience has been rewarding at every level, helping nonprofits and universities alike tell stories on how they are making a difference in students’ lives. Now that feels good.


We love all of our accounts, but there’s something about our nonprofit clients that holds a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s knowing we are helping raise their profile and creating awareness that leads to more donations. Either way, we’re making our community better.

Retail, Localities & Economic Development

Whatever you’re selling – one retail store, a whole shopping center or even an entire community – let’s get people excited to find out more. Driving interest in local businesses and communities contributes to the quality of life of everyone around.

Food & Beverage

Who doesn’t love a food client? Especially an office full of foodies, including our resident amateur food blogger. You could say we can not only walk the walk, but fork the fork and sip and sip and know a thing or two about getting food writers to feature our clients’ creations.

B2B & Logistics

Most businesses need not shout about their products from the rooftops but have customer targets that are more precisely defined. Developing B2B campaigns that leverage trade media, trade shows and content strategies is one of our specialties.


We may not be able to change the world, but we love working with clients who are out to change a little part of it. Our advocacy clients have a passion and fire that’s contagious. Just call us the match to their flame.

Client Results

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About Us

The Hodges Partnership, Richmond, VA

For over two decades, we’ve been helping clients tell their stories and enhance their reputations, and along the way, we’ve developed a reputation of our own. We’re an agency that gets results. An agency where there are no surprises. A place that cares as much about your success as you do. Our counsel is honest, transparent and insightful, at least we like to think so. It’s one of the reasons our client relationships last so long.

Our core values are built on being Collaborative, Inclusive, Bright, Driven and Genuine. It makes for a workplace where regular “pizzastorms” spawn new ideas (from everyone) and a giant gong celebrates success. Where Slack conversations keep us informed about PR news or a new recipe. And where we have fun together.

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