What to Expect

There's a gong with your name on it.

What should you expect when you retain The Hodges Partnership? To start, you’ll get a committed partner, a team dedicated to learning as much about you and your goals as possible. You’ll get the benefit of oversight by one of our senior partners and the experience, creativity and acumen of some talented PR professionals.

You can expect that we’ll work with you on setting goals and have a plan in place to achieve them. You’ll get honest (sometimes too honest) feedback from us and, with lines of communications always open, you’ll know where projects stand.

And you can expect results. We have a pretty fair track record of developing campaigns that get traction with the media. If you’re in our office one day and hear the loud (really loud) reverberations from the giant office gong, you’ll know that we’ve succeeded in landing yet another media placement. We love the gong.

And here are a few things you should not expect. Unlike most public relations firms, we don’t pass along the cost of doing business to our clients. That means you won’t get a bill from us for our subscription to our massive media database or for making a few photocopies of documents or even for most car travel on your behalf. For that matter, don’t expect that we’ll mark up our out-of-pocket costs either, as many PR firms regularly do.

We’re your partner, and we treat you like one.

We ask new clients to sign a baseball because we hope to make them famous and then we can sell the balls later.