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We start by exploring your goals, whether it’s raising your company’s profile, making a splash with a new product or enhancing your expertise in front of your target customers. We do a lot of that – exploring, raising, splashing, enhancing – along with a whole lot of other smart tactics designed to get you noticed.

we are social. we are digital. we are PR.

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Wanted dead or alive: HodgePodge for Aug. 1 Picture of Tony Scida

Reverse osmosis Amid all the high-profile journalists leaving old-media companies to launch news start-ups, The Verge co-founder Joshua Topolsky is joining Bloomberg. Hot, fresh news Then there’s that time Thermos FedExed a hot cup of coffee to a journalist at The Atlantic. In defense of the doodle WSJ cites research...

Hodges Starters: Our Presentation on Demystifying Content Management

First of all I’d like to thank the folks that got up early this morning to “pack the room” for our first Hodges Starters event. If you joined us for our inaugural session (background here) event, you saw how we manage content on social channels and how it should and...

Cupertino Effect: HodgePodge for July 25 Picture of Tony Scida

Have a seat The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal digs into the origins of the practice (and language) of restaurant reservations. Come correct And from Wired, a look at the short, sordid history of autocorrect. On the origin of spices Back over at The Atlantic, an excerpt from the Sriracha documentary traces...

How I develop a lead generation campaign for social

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like everyone is talking about lead generation—how to drum up qualified prospects, drive them to a website and convert them into customers. While I initially categorized this activity as like pure sales, with no connection to public relations, further consideration led me to...

Shark Sandwich: HodgePodge for July 18 Picture of Tony Scida

None more black You already saw this, but it’s so cool I had to included: The world has a new blackest black. Her hips don’t like The Wall Street Journal crowns Shakira the Queen of Facebook and then tells us how she got there. Potentiality Because this can’t be said...

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