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We start by exploring your goals, whether it’s raising your company’s profile, making a splash with a new product, enhancing your expertise in front of your target customers or building online communities. We do a lot of that — exploring, raising, splashing, enhancing — along with a whole lot of other smart tactics designed to get you noticed, build your reputation and drive sales. Our goal is helping you achieve yours.

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The Gong Blog

The art of the opinion Picture of Sean Ryan

So, you have an opinion.  Placing that opinion, often called an Op/Ed (which originally meant opposite to the editorial page in a newspaper), is easier said than done, as I wrote back in April. Consider that the New York Times receives about 2,000 submissions per week. That’s right, several hundred a...

A Night at the Museum: HodgePodge for Nov. 21 Picture of Tony Scida

Bad guys Here’s something you didn’t think you needed: The complete visual guide to the 37 villains of the Batman TV series. On a different note FastCo brings us the unauthorized biography of everyone’s favorite emoji. Millennials, again This article from NPR seems to do a good job of cutting...

Seeing is believing: bad visuals will ruin your content marketing campaign

Content marketing is bubbling up here at The Hodges Partnership. Jon heralded its arrival the other week. It’s been the running theme in most of my blog posts the past year. And other people feel the same way. According to one article, 93 percent of marketers employed content marketing to...

Because Science: HodgePodge for Nov. 14 Picture of Tony Scida

Glassnost After 12 years, The New Republic takes a fresh look at the man behind the scandal that almost ended it: Hello, My Name Is Stephen Glass, and I’m Sorry. But mostly it’s the skinny jeans Because you’ve been wondering, here’s a unified mathematical theory of hipsterism. You probably will...

Finding your hidden audience on social media

If you’re reading this post during the month of November, it’s likely that you found it through one of Hodges’ (or its employees’) social profiles. If you found it on Facebook or LinkedIn, the content either appeared organically through your newsfeed—because you’re an engaged fan or friend—or via a sponsored...

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