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We start by exploring your goals, whether it’s raising your company’s profile, making a splash with a new product, enhancing your expertise in front of your target customers or building online communities. We do a lot of that — exploring, raising, splashing, enhancing — along with a whole lot of other smart tactics designed to get you noticed, build your reputation and drive sales. Our goal is helping you achieve yours.

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The Gong Blog

Lead-generating content starts with buyer personas Picture of Laura Elizabeth Mann

When was the last time you had a problem and took to Google to find the answer? Given that every minute Google recieves more than 4,000,000 search queries, I bet it was fairly recent. Well, that’s what your potential customers are doing too.  They’ve got a problem and they need a solution. So, give...

Out the Inbox: HodgePodge for Apr. 24 Picture of Tony Scida

Worry about it later Chances are you’re well familiar with this conundrum: The procrastination loop and how to break it Looking back A compelling argument from Smithsonian for teaching music history backwards. For that matter, maybe we should teach all history that way? Streamavision Streaming TV has overtaken live TV...

The Zuck was clearly listening to Hodges Starters

Just hours after our most recent Hodges Starters event (where we discussed the importance of supporting your content with ad dollars), Facebook announced its latest tweak to the newsfeed algorithm—part of which was yet another blow to organic reach for brands. Ok, so maybe the timing was sheer coincidence, but...

New THP client: Alexandria Renew Enterprises Picture of Jon Newman

We’re very happy to announce the signing of Alexandria Renew Enterprises as a new THP client. Our work for Alexandria Renew will focus on the “owned media” practice of content strategy and creation. It also continues to expand the THP client footprint into Northern Virginia, part of our goal to...

Hodges Starters recap: Beyond Boosting

You’re hearing a lot from me on the “Integrated” Public Relations model of earned, owned and paid media. It is a drum I will continue to beat frequently. It is that paid piece that was the focus of today’s Hodges Starters event “Beyond Boosting,” presented very capably by Emily Shane...

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